Is this what happens when you try to create online content for your business?


We offer a number of content creation services to help

Blog Posts – We offer blog posts from 400-1000 words in length or more on a variety of different subject matters.

Website Content – Can’t find the right words? Need help making your website look it’s best?

Social Media Content – Do you need compelling content that will intrigue your audience to buy your product or service? Are you looking for customized images and mini videos?

Biographies – Need a new biography or an old bio refreshed?

Speakers Packages – Are you a speaker? Do you need a package put together for your next speaking gig? Want a media release created or a proposal?

Content Plans – No content is complete without a content plan. Creating content without a plan is like fishing without a hook.

How-To Guides – How to guides can be the perfect way to market and educate your clients.

E-Books – Want to create an e-book for your business but you worry about the time it takes to create it OR you’re not sure how to put it onto an online site like Amazon?

Award submissions – You have been nominated, congratulations! I can take the time-consuming task of putting that submission together for you, while making you sound amazing in the process.

Brainstorming, Research and Idea Creation – Need a catchy slogan or tagline? Spending countless hours researching? Can’t seem to come up with an idea for your next marketing campaign?

How does it work:

  1. Contact me with your content needs
  2. Chat on the phone or meet in person to discuss your needs in more detail
  3. A quote and agreement will be sent to you for approval and signing
  4. Payment for the content is sent to me
  5. The content is created within 7-10 days OR a set amount of time for large projects
  6. One revision is allowed with all content
  7. Use and post content! It is now yours! Get all the glory!
  8. Realize how amazing it was to get the content created for you and put in your next content order!

Or if you just want to pick my brain but do the work yourself, you can book a content strategy session with me to discuss your content options.