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The three key differences between brand awareness and client acquisition and why you should care

Think that marketing campaign is going to get you leads? Well, maybe not. Brand awareness and client acquisition are two very different things. Let me illustrate this point with an example.

One day at a networking event, Sally met Susie and Susie told Sally she could help her market her business. “Hooray,” said Sally; “This is going to be a fantastic lead generating opportunity. I can’t wait for all the new clients!”

The problem is that what Sally actually signed up for was a brand awareness campaign and NOT a client acquisition campaign and not every client OR Marketer for that matter knows the difference. Here are three key differences between the two.

1)      Call to action

With an awareness campaign, there isn’t a specific call to action. This is a big one. If the only call to action you have is to recall the brand and message, it is not a client acquisition campaign. With an acquisition campaign, the call to action is very clear, and your audience knows what you want to happen with that product or service. For example, advocacy groups will often use awareness campaigns. Back in the 1980’s using awareness campaigns to educate people about HIV and Aids was huge. During client acquisition, however, you are using websites, sales funnels and other customer relationship tools to turn your target audience into clients.

2)      Measurement and placement

How you measure the campaign is a good way to determine if you have signed up for one or the other. During an awareness campaign, the goal is the brand’s voice and recognition. If someone said, name the five top brands of cereal and you sold cereal, would your brand be named? During awareness campaigns, you want to put your brand in strategic places that your target market hangs out. For acquisition, you want to not only generate measurable leads, but you also want to generate qualified leads, and you will measure your success by those things. Putting your brand in strategic places where key influencers and media will be, is one way to ensure success with measurement and placement.

3)      Strategy

Do you have a big product announcement? Are you promoting your overall brand? Great, that is a wonderful brand awareness campaign, but it’s not a client acquisition one. Using fantastic content marketing, product marketing and strategically placing your brand using these vehicles is the acquisition you may be looking for and what is going to gain you more clients. Good marketing companies will be amazing content strategists and will know the right spot to hit your target market. You could decide to have a monthly, yearly or multiple year client acquisition campaign depending on your long-term goals and your strategy should reflect that.

I would be remiss to state that no successful marketing campaign whether brand awareness or client acquisition is done without a clear, concise plan of attack. If you aren’t quite sure what you will be doing and when, speaking to the company you are hiring, and making sure you are one hundred percent clear before moving forward is your best bet. After all, when you are shelling out good money to market your business, you want to be hiring the best person for the job, and that person should be able to tell you whether you are indeed simply building brand awareness or if the campaign you signed up for is one that is going to acquire clients.

At RapidFire Promotions, we love to build brands, but we want to help you get those clients too! Contact us today to see how we can get started on the right marketing campaign for you.

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Every person has those moments, the moments that change your life.

One day I was reading a quote by Picasso, and it went like this, “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” Powerful, right? This struck a chord with me.

My creative journey

Throughout my life, I have been involved with many pursuits, as a consultant for more than twenty years helping to design computer systems and then as a writer, author, podcast host and with my coaching business I have achieved a lot in my life, but I still have things to do. Things left undone.

The first memory I have of knowing that art was something that called to me was when I was seven years old. I remember walking down the street for music lessons and passing an art studio. It was Saturday morning, and I could see the art students inside the studio through the window. I had this incredible longing to be in there with them and wanted nothing more then to be walking through that studio door instead of down the street to my lesson.

Though I didn’t join those students that day, art has always been a part of my life.

Writing, well that was just natural. My dad was a writer and told wonderful stories, and I think that was something that was just a part of my DNA. The painting was another outlet I had never given myself permission to explore. When I read that quote by Picasso, it hit me, like a sucker punch to the gut. What was I waiting for?

Nurturing creativity in my clients brings me joy

I have always thought of myself as a conduit, I have a passion for connecting people, that is part of what I do, and every time I think about what I want to add in my life, I think about that. I want to help others with things left undone, to help them have fully realized lives.

When someone says to me, “I don’t think I’m very creative.” My response is always, we are all born creative, we just communicate it differently, and when we embrace our creative passion, we have a huge impact on ourselves and the world around us. People don’t think about how their passion affects those around them but when you are passionate about something you see connections that others don’t see.

I always joke I don’t enjoy cooking. So, when I get in there I make something, but it’s not with pleasure, only hunger. My husband, on the other hand, is passionate about cooking, he is in the kitchen, using his creativity to concoct delicious masterpieces and his passion for it is infectious. I get the good fortune of eating his meals and seeing him at his happiest doing something he enjoys. He has only started embracing this passion over the last few years, and I realized that with our busy lives he too had things left undone.

The future is filled with endless possibilities

A couple years ago I took a gigantic leap and went on an adventure. I moved from my house of twenty years and made the trek across eastern Canada to Nova Scotia where I now live on the Bay of Fundy. This was also part of my journey and part of things left undone. I have the most beautiful backdrop in the world to explore, and my art is a direct reflection of living in this beautiful, creative and inspiring area of Canada.

I am so glad I listened when I read that quote. I’ve come to believe there’s no difference between creativity and life. In fact, living life on purpose is an art and deserves our full attention. And when we reach the end of life with no regrets we’ve created our masterpiece.




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