The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 20 – Mindset with Christen N. James

On the podcast today we are chatting about how mindset plays a role in our business, curiosity, growth, why we get in our way, video as a content option and why different businesses may choose not to do video, preferred social media options, LinkedIn changes, why having a support system is crucial as a business owner AND the first interviewee to give me an opposite answer for the toilet paper roll question!! You won’t want to miss it! To learn more about CJ you can contact her here. http://yourchosencoach.com/
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 19 – Google My Business

Are you on Google My Business? If you aren’t you should be! Listen to my latest content tip.
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 18 – Marketing trends with Roxie Laverty

Are quotes still good to post on social media? How do you come up with a good tagline? Can you have more than one target audience? These are some questions that we will be talking about today with Roxie Laverty, Sales and Marketing from Switch Advanced Lighting Solutions in Calgary, Alberta. Plus a whole lot more amazing content tips and tricks! I can guarantee a few ah-ha moments if you listen right to the end. 
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 17 – Going that extra mile

Everything changes when you challenge yourself to go that extra mile. Listen to my latest tip!
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 16- Social Media Strategy with Orzala Quddusi

Wonderful interview with the lovely Orzala Quddusi. Talking about your social media strategy. What are the best platforms you should be on as a business owner. How your mindset changes everything. The power of a mentor. Challenges as a introvert in business as well as being a mompreneur. Speaking and workshops to help grow your business and more! You won’t want to miss this interview! If you want to learn more about Orzala you can find her at https://makeit-happen.online/. 
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 15- Think like a journalist

Journalists know that great stories are more than just fluff. They know that you need to follow a specific formula and this is something you should incorporate into your content. Listen to my content tip and if you need help with your content, contact me today!

The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 14- Getting Inspired with Ella Bates

Why you can’t overshare content, why colour is inspiring, the psychology of business, Tony Robbins (just because) and lots more! Today on the show we have the lovely Ella Bates, a master trainer, speaker, coach and founder of Training X3. You can learn more about the fabulous Ella at ellabates.com.
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 12 – Speaking success with Laura Connor

What are the top three things speakers need to do to provide a great speech? And why is authenticity when creating content important? Find out today on the show. We are also going to chat about video content, becoming comfortable with it, great examples of it and more! Let’s also not forget the karaoke. If you want to learn more about Laura and all her fabulousness, click here.
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 11 – Blogging tips – Why formatting is important

When you think about blogging you may not think about the little details but they can be the key between a successful blog post and one that no one reads. Listen to the podcast today for some great blogging advice!

The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 10 – Dee-Boswell Buck – Social Media Success

Social media is a beast! How do you know what to do and when especially when it keeps changing. Today on the show we have Dee-Boswell Buck who is a fantastic social media marketer. We’ll discuss videos, hashtags, content done well, balancing entrepreneurship with family, plus, just getting started! It’s a long one but worth it! Settle in for some amazing information. W

The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 9 – Marketing doesn’t work and other nonsense

Disputing a theory today that I’ve been seeing over and over again. Curious what you think? W
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 8 – Claudine Pereira – Business success

We are talking about the best marketing strategies and what you need to be successful as a business owner. Plus, she shares her dirty little secret. Tune in! You won’t be disappointed. 
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 7 – Content tip –
Guerrilla Marketing – Today Laura talks about what can you do today to get people to interact with your brand.
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 6 – Marlene Marco – Networking

On the show today we are talking to, “The Queen of Networking In the Durham Region.” She will give us some great insights into how to network the right way as well as offer some fabulous content and entrepreneurship.
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 5 – Content tip-
Today on The Chatty Content Creator, Laura talks about why every business owner should listen to podcasts.
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 4 – Aprille Janes –

Today on the show we are speaking with Artist and Creativity Coach, Aprille Janes, an entrepreneur who helps people find their creative spark.

The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 3 – Sherry Corbitt –

Today on the show we will be talking about Niche Marketing with niche expert and Mortgage Broker, Sherry Corbitt. Skip to 9:00 min for the content goods!
The Chatty Content Creator – Episode 2 – Frequently Asked Questions –

Ever wanted to know how to create content OR a whole marketing campaign from frequently asked questions in your business?
Episode 1 – Intro to The Chatty Content Creator –

Welcome to the first episode of The Chatty Content Creator. Learn more about the host Laura Watts and what you can expect on subsequent episodes of the podcast in 2019.