If you have never edited a video before, it can be pretty daunting. Open any video editing program on your computer, and there are thousands of options, from audio, titles, transitions, effects, elements, and more.

Over the years I have experimented with many different types of video editing programs. Some are more extensive than others, but they all basically do the same thing, albeit in different ways. Once you know the basics you can learn most editing programs fairly easily, though it can take awhile to learn everything because they are a bit like learning a new language.

Cellphones have made video editing much easier, but it still takes some skill. In this post I will provide you with information on the various ways you can shoot, edit and upload your videos to YouTube.


Way back in the day when I was in college I learned video editing on Avid Media Composer which is used more often by media organizations than Adobe Premiere.

In fact, my first thirty minute documentary was edited using this program and by lugging my then fairly hefty laptop back and forth from school to my house. I still remember sitting at my desk for hours working on my video.

It is a very extensive editing program and is still used today for professional video editing. If you want to learn more about video editing as a means of income generation, I would suggest you check out these two programs.


You can go for a pro editing tool like Avid or Adobe, but if you want to learn basic video editing skills without too much fuss I suggest going for a free option. A program that I have found is great for beginners is Wondershare Filmora.

The only downside of this free program is that it does have a watermark on your videos, which means it will say Filmora across the bottom when you export it. If you want to get rid of that pesky watermark, the paid plans are very reasonable. There are great options for individuals and businesses as well as students.

The first thing you need to do is import a video you have recorded and then you can start playing around with all the editing features. The screen of Wondershare Filmora looks like the screen below.

I will say, you will get way more options with a program like this than editing on your phone, but it can take a longer to edit your video. However, when you are done, the final result usually looks more professional, you can choose the resolution you want, and the program allows you to export your video directly to YouTube or Vimeo, which can save some time.


On your cellphone, if you have an iPhone you can record and edit videos by clicking on the camera app and then switching to a video recording. There are a few small options, like changing from the front to back camera, adjusting the brightness, turning the video black and white, as well as cropping the video.

If you want to add a title photo at the beginning, do a voiceover, or add music to your video, you can open iMovie and edit the video more extensively. When you are done you simply upload it your phone and then onto YouTube Studio.

If you have an Android you can do basically the same thing minus having iMovie to edit the videos further, but there are tons of great apps you can download from the Play Store.

For both Android and iPhone I would recommend Videoshop – Video Editor. You can do lots of cool things with this app from adding music, to making your videos slow motion, to applying filters, and merging videos. Here is the link for iPhone users.



This is a quick video that I made on my cellphone. You can see it’s pretty basic and the quality is what you would expect when you are filming in average light with no tripod.

You can buy some great lighting and tripod kits on Amazon. I would suggest doing this if you start making lots of videos because the quality is way more professional.


Then this is how I took it up a notch with iMovie. I added a title and made it look a bit better. You could also add a title screen at the end with more information. iMovie also allows you to add music tracks if you want as well as some other cool editing features.


Finally, this is the same video in Wondershare Filmora. I added in an animated title page, music and captions as well as final title screen asking people to subscribe. I could make this much better, but as I am only doing this as an example, it will give you an idea of the options available.


No matter what you go with, here are some ways for you to make your videos standout on YouTube.

  1. Have a title or cover photo that tells your audience exactly what you are talking about. So they can decide whether or not your video is worth watching.
  2. Try as much as possible to include video captions as most YouTube videos are watched silently. You can do this with Wondershare Filmora, and alternatively you can use an app on your phone called Autocap which is a fantastic caption app.
  3. If you haven’t asked in the video for viewers to follow your channel, include a title slide at the end asking them to.
  4. Edit your video so it is quick and concise. You may want to crop long rambling sentences. People have limited attention spans. Unless you are providing really good information I would cut it out.
  5. Remember that the copy you use to describe your video is as equally important as the video. The copy will help people find your video.


Videos can take up a lot of space. This is why it’s beneficial to upload and edit videos on your computer vs. your phone. If you are recording short videos on a cellphone you may need to save your videos on Google Drive or Dropbox or another file sharing device, or delete them completely so that you don’t take up too much space on your phone.

Also, you need to make sure the video’s and pictures you are using in your videos are your own. Stealing content is not cool and can get you into heaps of trouble. Plus if YouTube figures out that your video is breaching it’s rules then they will take it down.


I know all of this is a lot to take in so I have created some one on one video editing training courses. The two hour course, done on Zoom, goes through the programs above step by step so you can start editing videos like a pro in no time. If you are interested in doing one of these training courses shoot me an email here. For the month of December and January I will be offering $25 off!


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