how to promote your business if you are an introvert


I dread videos! There, I said it. I know as a content creator, they are one of the most powerful ways to market your business online. I often share this sentiment with my clients, but I DON’T LIKE DOING THEM. Why? Well, because I am an introvert. Can you relate?

See, for me, writing is where I feel the most comfortable. I can express myself clearly when I’m writing, and the conversation flows precisely the way I want it too. I’m not too bad with audio, either. I have thoroughly enjoyed working on my Chatty Content Creator Podcast.

However, if I am recording a video, even with a script, it’s always video after video after video until I am happy with it. I have done videos, of course. I have even been told I look natural. Muhaha! You have all been fooled. Well, until now. Insert laughter here.

There is nothing wrong with being an introvert. It just makes running a business a little bit harder, that’s all. I have had to adapt specific strategies over the last eight years to make it work. So here are five ways you can promote your business when you are an introvert.

1) Blogging – of course

If you are reading this blog, you know that blogging is alive and well. Blogging is perfect for introverts because of the obvious; you don’t need to talk to anyone. You can share your knowledge and expertise. You have content to share online, plus it’s fabulous for your website’s SEO. That’s getting Google to crawl it so people can find it, by the way.

2) E-books, whitepapers and case studies

Have a book rolling around in your head? Books, whitepapers, and case studies can be great content pieces to promote your business when you are an introvert. They once again help to show your expertise and knowledge and are fabulous content pieces to share with potential clients. Rather than a lengthy phone call, you can say, I’ve written an incredible article on this. I’ll email it over to you. Or, I have an e-book on this exact topic, here is the link.

3) Cartoon, photo or voiceover videos

These videos offer a great way to get your point across without being front and center with potential clients and customers. When it’s just your voice or a collection of photos telling the story, it can ease an introverts anxiety tenfold. Doodly is an excellent cartoon app, and most videographers can put together a fabulous video for your business without you having to be in it.

4) Mastermind groups

Joining a small group of like-minded business owners is more comfortable than going into a massive group of people at a networking event. Besides the many other benefits of being in a group like this, once you start working with people in the group, it allows the more exuberant members to talk you up to other people, so you don’t have to. One to one coffee chats can also be a good option for introverts.

5) Client testimonials

If your client is an extrovert, then ask them if they wouldn’t mind recording a client testimonial about how amazing you are. Just a quick video from their phone is all that is needed. If videos aren’t an option, written testimonials are still great! You can share them. Put them on your website and even send them to potential clients.

The truth is that over the last eight years, I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone as an introvert. I have done things I didn’t want to, like videos, to promote my business. It hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. Though, usually after getting up in front of people during group training or attending a large networking group, I have to retreat for a few days. Be alone, increase my energy, and then get back to it.

Face to face communication is STILL the best way to promote your business, hands down. There is so much we communicate with our bodies. COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed these types of business activities, so it will be interesting to see how we move forward from here.

If you have any tips for introverts feel free to share them in the comments.


If can help you with any of the content ideas above, feel free to get in touch, preferably by text or email, because, well, you know, introvert.

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  1. Exactly. I am an introvert too & used animated video. But it’s also fact that using video actually fed up the charm of blogging because blogging is for the people like us —-introvert & pen /paper is the only medium for us to express our inner feelings.
    Thanks for your post. Sometimes make a visit to my blog. Your feedback will inspire me for development.

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