Working as a professional writer and content creator is a challenge. I love what I do, but sometimes I don’t feel very creative. I put words on a page only to erase them. I design a post only to delete it. When this happens it can be hard to push through. It’s tough to create content when you don’t want to. Heck, it’s tough to do anything when you don’t want to. When something more fun is calling you and the devil on your shoulder says, “Don’t worry, you got lots of time. Go indulge yourself.” It’s hard not to listen.

What separates the professionals from the amateurs is one little word, perseverance. The Oxford Dictionary says, to persevere means to keep moving forward and is defined as; doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. In my case, this sometimes translates to outright stubbornness, but I digress.

One thing that helps me when I am in this state of mind is the ability to think about the consequences of my actions if I don’t complete XYZ? You can tell my mom brain is showing. It’s true though. There is always a consequence for every choice we make. I also think about my long-term goals. Is doing something else going to help or hinder me in the long-run? Which brings me to my next point.

Do you have long-term goals? As business owners, we should, but that doesn’t mean we do. It can be hard to see the forest if you are continually looking at the trees. That is why I genuinely believe in a business strategy. When things need to get done, if you have a plan and strategy in place, it becomes easier to execute on those goals. My marketing strategy is pretty solid. I’m a small business owner so I don’t need a massive plan, but I have mapped out where I want to go and how I’m going to get there.

So how do you create content when you would rather be binge watching Netflix?

There’s a great piece of advice that many entrepreneurs on my podcast have mentioned. Three little words and they go like this, ‘just get started.’ When you ‘just get started’ you usually get things done. It might not be up to your standards and could use improvement, but you have put one foot forward in front of the other, and it’s more likely that you will finish your task. If I was providing marketing advice for perseverance, maybe this would be it’s slogan. “Just get started and wonderful things can happen.”

If you still don’t feel like creating content there is another wonderful option. You can call me, and I’ll do it for you! As mentioned, I have my long-term plan locked and loaded, AND without you I can’t make those plans a reality. Then there’s eating and having a roof over my head, those are also some things I like to think are pretty important too.

If it’s not the content but the planning that has you sighing, I also love to create marketing plans for business owners. I get that warm and fuzzy feeling every time. You get the plan, it’s easier to create your content, I get to keep doing what I love, you get to keep doing what you love and everyone wins. Then once all the work is done and we have a small amount of time leftover, y’know when we are both retired, we can reward ourselves. Maybe by binge watching Netflix.

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