Do you want to know a secret? There are many words you can use in your marketing copy that will entice potential clients and customers to do business with you, and secret is one of them. That is why you may see a lot of companies who claim to have the secret ingredient, the secret formula, or the secret sauce to a particular problem.

Why do we love secrets

As a species, we love the word secret. It is all about exclusivity. When someone tells you a secret, it automatically means you are part of an exclusive club and doesn’t that feel good? This is why the word secret is soo powerful. We are all dying to know the secret, and it is used in marketing copy for precisely that reason!

A word of caution

If you are going to use the word secret, don’t promise a secret, A.K.A an easier way to do something, and not deliver on that promise. Also, be sure you don’t over-do the word use, or it may come across as spammy. You can curb this by being as natural as possible in your writing with a few choice words injected into your copy once you have finished writing it.

Here are some other popular “exclusivity” words you can also use in your copy for client conversion.

  • Rare
  • Unique
  • Limited

There are also TONS of other words that you can use to create a sense of urgency, make people feel comfortable with you or even think, that guy/girl is hilarious, I want to work with them!

So much of marketing is smoke and mirrors. The best marketing is when your clients don’t even know they are being marketed too. And this my friends is the real secret.

For more word ideas, feel free to schedule a content meeting. Or better yet, let Double Take write your content for you!

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