If you have ever worked with a content creator like myself, you know we are creative and tech-savvy folks that love to create a variety of content for our clients. You may hear us talk about marketing, writing, and new digital trends. We may even throw some strategy and analytics your way. However, you will never hear us say these three things.

It’s all about you, all day, every day.

You might be thinking about what’s going on with you and what’s going on in your world. The thing is, so is everyone else. To put out successful content you need to put yourself in your client’s shoes. What is important to them? What do they want to see, hear, feel? The sooner you can put your ego aside and focus on your clients, the better off you will be.

Marketing plans are a waste of time

If you want to create content with no plan that’s okay but having, at bare minimum, a general outline you are going to be much better off. Why? Because if you don’t know what you are shooting for, how can you hit the target? It’s like creating content blindfolded.

Creating content will do nothing for your business

It would be monumentally foolish for me to say, but in all honesty, without content to let your clients or customers know what you do, why you do it and how you can help solve a problem, why would anyone hire you? You have to give people incentives to get to know you, to like you and work with you.

about those ads claiming content doesn’t work

I have seen a lot of Facebook ads in recent years that claim, you don’t need content, you don’t need blogs, and you don’t need emails. Isn’t it interesting that they are still using a form of content, copy and ads, to talk about not needing content!

Other things you will never hear us say

In addition to these three things, you will also never hear us say, websites are a waste of time, social media doesn’t work, and consistent content is a terrible strategy.

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