The ways you can market your business are always changing and that’s why content creation is so fabulous. At least in my opinion. Below you will find some cool marketing ideas you can use to market your business.

Create a how-to guide

Every business owner has a wealth of knowledge in their particular field. Creating a how-to guide is a great way to get that knowledge out there.

With a how-to guide you don’t have to give all your expertise away for free. You can sell it OR you can use it as an enticement for people to do training with you or sign up for your newsletter.

The how-to guide could even be turned into a full e-book or workshop down the road. The possibilities are endless.

Create a landing page

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds and having one page where people can go and click BUY is a super easy way to generate income and sales.

Better yet, you can create a landing page completely for FREE! There are various programs that you can use to do this. Mailchimp has this option among many others.

WRITE a blog series

If you want to get people to follow your blog, creating a blog series that will entice readers to continue coming back to your blog is one way to do this.

Of course, blogging can be more complicated and that’s why I wrote a whole other post on blogging for beginners.


So this isn’t a specific piece of content but it’s a good idea after you have created all of the items above. Use social media to create a buzz.

Some of the best marketing campaigns out there don’t have many words. In fact, they might just have one sentence, something like, “It’s coming” with a picture to go along with it. This gets people thinking. What does that mean? And if you post it often, people will want to know what you are talking about.

Humans are naturally curious and we don’t like to be left hanging. That’s why books and tv shows leave us in a lurch all the time. So we keep coming back!

These ideas are only the tip of the iceberg. Have a great one, post it in the comments. Or if you are looking for customized ideas for your business feel free to get in touch today!

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