Over the last two years, I have often been asked about what I do. Some people are not sure what a content creator is, and I came across a quote the other day by Ann Handley that said, content can be everything the light touches. That makes it difficult to understand exactly what it is, doesn’t it?

What I consider to be my primary role as a “content creator” is creating NEW and ORIGINAL digital content. This includes writing, images, videos, and audio  for my client’s businesses. Then I also add a training element into that too — training people on how to do all of the above for their own business. I have many titles because I do many things. As a Content creator, content writer, content strategist, and content marketer, they all fall under this big umbrella of content creation.

For a more fruitful description, Wikipedia describes content creation as:

Content creation is the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts.

[1] Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts”

[2] for self-expression, distribution, marketing and/or publication. Typical forms of content creation include maintaining and updating web sites, blogging, photography, videography, online commentary, the maintenance of social media accounts, and editing and distribution of digital media.

[3]A Pew survey described content creation as the creation of “the material people contribute to the online world.”

Generally, a content creator works in the realm of marketing  

Perhaps you have heard the term, content marketing? Essentially, what I offer is the media you use to market your business effectively. I often say, the good thing about marketing is that there are so many ideas, the problem with marketing is that there so many ideas! Nailing down the best ones can be overwhelming, especially when you are first starting out and that’s where the strategy comes in. Sure, you can read, and read and read BUT why not hire someone who already knows the things you can do and how to create them. Easy, right?

What is the difference between a content creator and a content curator?

Curation is taking other content and sharing it while adding your insights and information to the post. While this is not original content, it does have a place in the realm of marketing your business so people can get to know you better by your response to different articles and content. However, if you can share something that no-one else has that is where people will go, “Cool! I’ve never seen that before.” And they are more likely to follow you, like and share your posts and comment, which is a great way to get your business out there.

Why is it worth it to invest in a content creator?

The problem with creating HIGH-QUALITY content is that it is a huge time suck and that’s where I come in. Creating content is time-consuming and if you don’t love it like I do it’s frustrating and anxiety driving. Creating content is something that I genuinely enjoy. Writing, designing, strategizing is just the best thing in the world to me. I don’t feel like I’m working and those are the best jobs when it doesn’t feel like work.

Creating content is the hard part, revising is the easy part

A client of mine recently told me that creating the content is the hard part. Editing is the easy part. I think there is an element of truth to that. Once something is created it gives you a starting point to refine and refine and refine again. I would say most authors are never happy with their first draft and likewise, neither am I. Refining and planning your content to get exactly the right message out there is sometimes the time consuming but necessary part of any SUCCESSFUL content creation.

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