How important is a headline for a piece of content? Well as it turns out, very important. If you don’t phrase your headline in a way that piques your audience’s interest, your amazing content or offering has the potential to get skimmed over or worse, not read at all! Isn’t it amazing how a few tiny words can mean so much? Here are three ways to write a killer headline.


1)      Solve a problem or provide an answer to a question

It all comes down to marketing 101, but at it’s simplest, if you help solve a problem for someone, not only are they going to click on your content, but there’s also a greater chance that they will share it.


2)      Use emotions to pull the reader in

Think about what you click on and why? I am willing to bet emotions may have been a factor in some of those cases. We are more pulled in by our emotions than we realize and there are numbers of studies that confirm this. Use emotion to persuade and inform and people will start clicking.


3)      Use persuasive words

There are words in the English language that catch people’s attention. Some of these include adjectives such as:


  • Secret
  • You
  • Because
  • Free
  • Act now
  • New
  • Never
  • Discover
  • How to
  • Results
  • Amazing
  • Value


Be warned, overuse of these words can make people turn against you. Tread lightly and implement sparingly. You don’t want to be accused of only turning out click-bait.

And remember, while you might have a catchy headline, you still need to have high quality content that provides value to your reader. 

What headlines have you seen recently that caught your attention? Please comment below.

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