It has been a long time since I have sat down and wrote something out by hand.  A sign of our times. A technological world that doesn’t even see fit to teach cursive writing at school anymore.

The pen feels foreign in my hand, and I am much slower at writing then I used to be. Still, I continue in my quest to get this post on paper.

Why write by hand

There is something about writing things up by hand that I enjoy. Since I am not as fast, I think more about the words I write. I slow down and focus more on each comma and hyphen and natural pause in the story. I think more about each sentence and each point that I am trying to make. I also feel like I absorb more.

In college, not too many years back, I did have the option of using a laptop but instead preferred writing out my notes. The words almost impossible to re-read later on, but I still felt that I remembered more of the information.

According to many studies, writing things by hand has some fabulous benefits. Writing by hand:

  • Fully engages your brain
  • Calms your body and nerves
  • Slows down mental aging
  • Unleashes creativity
  • Eases depression and anxiety
  • Enhances focus

It’s a wonder that with all these benefits that we don’t do it more often.

Why not write by hand all the time then?

It is not always feasible in my line of work to write an entire article or blog post by hand. I would hazard a guess that most other professionals have the same problem. Time is money, after all! Plus, the world isn’t set up for written correspondence anymore. It’s just too slow of a medium.

Now, I do usually jot down a list before I start and I also typically write most blog ideas down in a notepad I carry around when a thought pops inside my head. So, hopefully, I am still getting some of the benefits.

Famous people who write by hand

Depending on what you do, writing by hand is still possible though it is still usually converted to digital later on. Some of the most famous authors today write their books by hand. Stephen King, J. K. Rowling, and James Patterson, to name a few. Some famous Hollywood types like Quentin Tarantino and George Clooney also write their movie scripts by hand, eventually typing everything up when the work is complete.

What I have discovered by writing this post by hand

Writing this post by hand allowed me the advantage of not stopping to edit as I go. Auto-correct is helpful but also a thought breaker. When auto-correct starts highlighting words; I am always losing my train of thought and worrying about the post’s perfection. When I am writing by hand, I don’t worry about spelling, and I realize there is time for all of that fine-tuning later.

It is becoming clear to me that in 2019 I might have to try this writing by hand thing more often.

  • There are not as many distractions.
  • I am more focused on what I’m writing
  • I am not as worried about perfecting each paragraph.

And the best reason of all is that I have a  general feeling of overall pleasure. I truly enjoy it more than typing something on a keyboard.

The question is, is my writing any better? Have I made my point clear? Is the final product more appealing? I do admit that once typed, I did change things slightly and edited things out, but it was more an attempt to organize thoughts into sections and allow for better flow.

What do you think dear reader? Comment below and let me know.

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