When you are tasked with writing a speech, it can be a downright terrifying experience, especially, if you have never given a speech let alone write one.

I am sure you can come up with one instance where you sat watching someone speak and cringed inwardly at what was coming out of their mouth. Don’t let that be your fate. If you were searching the web for how to write a great speech and you came across this post, then you are already aware of your shortcomings and are in the right place.

Here are some tips you can use to write a fantastic speech! For business or for pleasure.

Know your audience

Knowing your audience applies to almost every writing situation. Know your audience. Who are you speaking to? You would hardly present a laid back and comical speech at a funeral, would you? Likewise, you wouldn’t perform a dry and emotionless speech at a wedding. Know who is receiving your message and tailor your speech to those people.

Know yourself

If you are trying to be funny and you aren’t a funny person, then your speech is going to come off un-sincere. Be yourself. Write a speech that people will say afterward, “Nice speech. It felt like something she or he would say.” If you are writing for business, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your knowledge in an honest, sincere and exciting way.

Keep the length appropriate

Ever sat listening to someone drone on and on and on. While their intent might be heartfelt, everyone in the audience has lost interest. Keep it short, keep it tight and keep it tidy. Say what you want to say and then move on. If you aren’t sure how long your speech will be, here is a great resource!

Use quotes

One great way to liven up any speech, especially if you aren’t a wordsmith yourself, is to use quotes. Can you find a quote that says what you are trying to convey? Maybe there is a song that says what you want to say. If you can’t find the words yourself, there is no harm in letting someone else inspire your crowd. As a side note, it is plagiarism to claim you wrote the quote or sang the song so be sure to give credit to the person who created it during your speech.

Don’t use big words

In writing, as in speaking, big words are lost on your crowd. If people don’t understand what you are talking about you will have lost them. Write conversationally. Don’t get caught up with flowery language. It might come across as pompous instead of engaging and people will tune out.

The last thing I will say

Before you get up to present your speech, practice, practice, practice! If I sound like your high school gym teacher, I apologize. Your gym teacher did have a point though. Practice might not make perfect but practice makes sense. If you have practiced, you have given yourself a fighting chance. Don’t be the speaker who goes up and wings it and fails miserably.

Over the years I have written many speeches

From wedding speeches to speeches for professional speakers. If writing a speech is something that grips you with anxiety in the middle of the night I would be happy to help. Feel free to contact me here for more information.

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