The about page is one of the most read pages on a website. It’s true!

The last thing you want to do is have a cookie cutter about page that does nothing to intrigue the visitor to buy your product or service.

That is why you have a website after all, isn’t it?

According to HubSpot, the home page, about page, the blog page and the contact page are the four most important pages on a website, and every page should have a call to action, even your about page.

The great thing about a well written about page is that you can use it multiple ways. On your about page, in your elevator pitch, on your social media sites and for media packages and articles, you only need to tweak it slightly to fit each medium.

You also need to include your call to action. If you look at my about page, you will notice that at the bottom I have a sentence outlining how excited I am to put my skills to use creating content for your business, intriguing the client to get in touch and see what I can offer.

So, what does a “cookie cutter” about page look like?

Examples of a cookie cutter profile might look something like this:

Jane Smith has been an Office Manager with Newman Group for fifteen years. She has a diploma from Grant University in Business Management and in her spare time likes to play Tennis. 


A more interesting profile might read:

Jane Smith, A.K.A, the Queen of Office Management at Newman Group has been serving the company with style for the last ten years. She is modest and prefers not to mention her diploma from Grant University in Business Management, or that is she a local tennis guru. With Jane, you always get the royal treatment. Contact her today with any issues you may have, and she will be sure to take care of you.


See how you learn more about Jane, AND it’s also more interesting to read. It can still be professional without sounding dull or uninspiring. When you have seconds to capture people’s attention you want this information to stick out and people to remember it.

If you need help creating something inspiring, engaging, memorable or fun for your about page, contact me today. I offer a free thirty-minute call to discuss how I can help! 






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