Thinking about hiring a professional writer but not sure if it’s worth it?

Have you heard the saying, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait till you hire an amateur?”

This quote sums up why it’s so important to get a qualified person to do work for you. Most professionals spend years on their passion. A carpenter, for example, would go to school, likely do an apprenticeship and then head out into the work force. Learning on the job but also perfecting and honing their craft, truly becoming a Master Craftsman or Master Craftswoman.

A professional writer is no different.

They care about much more than just the writing

When it comes to your business are you comfortable letting someone portray you in a negative light? Things like spelling, grammar, target audience, keywords, and SEO are all things to be considered and considered in depth BEFORE even getting started on the writing that you want to get done. A professional writer takes all these things into great consideration before starting any project.

Professional writers are perfectionists and will scrutinize every word and phrase

Writers are some of the pickiest people I know. Perfectionists each and every one who spend hours upon hours crafting exactly the right word or phrase for maximum value to their reader. There is so much more that goes into it then just putting words on a page. Flow, comprehension, tense, periods, commas, continuity, description, hooks and more.

Their styles are varied, and you can hire the writer that specializes in your field

There are authors, personal blog writers, business writers, health writers, medical writers, lifestyle writers, product description writers, technical writers. The list goes on and on. Over time, the professional writer will discover what they like writing the best and may continue to move forward with that genre but they may love being a generalist, like myself, that write a variety of different topics.

Their love of reading is an asset to their writing

Any writer will tell you that reading is an important component of being a good writer. I probably spend more time reading than writing. Taking care to read different styles of writing to expand my portfolio of knowledge when it comes to the written word. There are just so many ways to go about it, and I find the whole process incredibly fascinating.

When you hire a professional writer, you are getting a piece of writing that no one else has

Do you want to end up with writing that is exactly the same as 1,000 other websites or blogs out there? If you AREN’T hiring a professional writer the odds are you don’t have “exclusive” content, it’s probably been used multiple times in multiple ways. Imagine having someone share an article with you that you used on your own site and it was almost identical. Not a good feeling.

They produce high quality content 

Someone who is charging a small amount of money is only concerned about putting something together quickly for their clients, and because they are inexpensive, they know more will come around if those clients aren’t satisfied. Whereas a professional writer, writing high quality content, want their clients to come back. They want repeat business, and they will go the extra mile to make sure their client is not only happy but ecstatic about the final outcome of whatever it is they are writing. Customer service with a professional writer is a cut above any content machine out there.

Professional writers do their best – at their worst

When I was in Journalism school, I remember my professor saying that “A good writer can go to work and write a masterpiece even on a day that they don’t feel much like doing it.” We all have our days when we would rather be doing something else, but a professional has the capacity to do his best at his worst, just like any other professional service out there.

If you want to learn more about some of the services I offer as a professional writer and content creator, I would be happy to discuss with you at length about what I do. Get in touch with me today!







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