We live in a world where everything is instantaneous. We go online and purchase just about everything. Two clicks of a mouse, sometimes one. That’s it!

How do you keep customers interested and not move on to the next person or company?

Here are 5 WAYS you can keep your customers EXACTLY where you want them to be, reading your content so that the end result is money in your pocket!

1. Know your target customer and speak directly to them

Who buys what you sell? Why do they buy what you sell? What need do you satisfy? These are all questions you need to ask yourself when you are creating content for your business.

2. Have a call to action 

The most important aspect of any marketing piece is a call to action. How are they going to buy from me? How are they going to contact me? Where do they need to go to do those things? Make it quick and easy for your customers. You only have seconds.

3. Provide credibility

Your customers want to see that not only can you help them with their problem, you are also educated and trained to help them with their problem. With seconds to impress what makes you stand out? What can you highlight for them so they know that you are 100% the person they need to hire for the job?

4. Be authentic

In 2017, fake is out in a big way. People crave authenticity. They want to see the real you and how your business operates. Don’t beat around the bush, be right in front of the bush and let customers know who you are right from the beginning.

5. Dare to be different

Is there something you can do that makes a person go, wow, this product or service is so different. I am intrigued? I want to learn more. It’s easy to stay with the tried and true but it doesn’t wow your customers and the odds are in those precious seconds you have they will simply move on to someone else.

If after reading this post you have spent those precious seconds and think to yourself, I need to talk to this girl, get in touch!

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